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Daniel C.
Aug 25, 2020
In Music Forum
I sometimes want to explore my abilities but once upon my journey I got Into water fast more like sex days and I did it. I was cold at night most of the times (mid summer) and during the day somehow very calm, not sluggish really, I was still working out I was doing some pullups and pushups and all was fine but like i said I was deep into my head all of the times, which I guess it's not a bad thing at all, however I was recovering very well from the workouts, I don't know if that was becouse I was also doing the 'semen retention' without knowing anything about it (it's a things nowdays on YouTube) It was fun and a good thing for myself this thing but not the best way to stand out with regular socially minded peoples ,my dad wanted to get me to the hospital even he toughted that I was dying 😃😃 like literally. Also, from the financial perspective I nowdays spend as much on sugar free energy drinks and other supplements for a 24 hours fast as I would be ordering takeaway or 'normal eating'. So it did worked out well for myself, the 6 days thing but I DO NOT recommend this for weight loss under any circumstances unless you're very knowledgeable about your actions. I've gained 1/3 back but health wise and the experience itself was well worth the....wait basically 😁 I'm really wondering if I can go back again but this time I'll get a bit more fancy as I got some more knowledge during this 2 years , but yeah , I'll probably change my perspective, as I knew that fasting is more for the inner stuff now I'll get to the phisiqual aspect also,you know just to feel better about myself naked in a mirror that kind of stuff, but at a whole other level. I do apologise for any misspelling or nonsense,English is not my best thing and also I'm fasting but, feel free to ask me anything about anything 😃 Thank you for your time
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Daniel C.

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